Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite lahir Di Gama, FD, Brazil, April 22, 1982, Better Known By the Name Kaká or Ricardo Kakà, is a Brazilian Footballer who is now Defending Club Orlando City SC. Kaká Starts His Football Career At The Eight-Year Age, When She Starts Playing For A Local Club. At that time, he also played tennis, and it was not until he moved to Sao Paulo FC and signed his first professional contract with the club at the age of 15 he chose to focus on football.

In 2003 he joined Milan at a cost of € 8.5 million. While In Milan, Kaká won the Ballon D'Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year Awards in 2007. After Success With Milan, Kaká Joined Real Madrid With Transfer Cost € 65 million, Second Record Of Zinedine Zidane, € 75 million. Then Real Madrid transferred Cristiano Ronaldo for a fee of € 96 million, Making a Record of New Transfer Fee, Making the Highest Third Kaká Cost Ever Recruited. In addition to Contributions in the Field, Kaká is Known for His Humanitarian Work. In 2004, At the time of his appointment, he became the youngest ambassador of the UN World Food Program. Kaká is the First Athlete Who Gets 10 Million Followers On Twitter.

Kaká Married By Caroline Celico On December 23, 2005 In A Church In Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Playing Style

Kaká Has Been Described As A Balancing, Team Game He's Get To Know Very Fast, Skilled and Creative, With Excellent Ball Control. He Has a Hard Shot From Any Distance, Extraordinary Playing Style And Having Traffic That's fantastic Passing and Dribbling Very Good. As a Playmaker Attacking Midfielder, he was known for being able to score goals, creating an assist.


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