Biography Marco Verratti
Marco Verratti was born in Manoppello, Pescara, November 5, 1992; Is an Italian footballer who plays for Paris Saint-Germain regularly plays in midfield position.

Full Name              : Marco Verratti
Familiar Name       : Marco Verratti
Date of Birth          : May 02, 1996
Place of Birth         : Manoppello, Pescara, Italy
Nationality              : Italy
Height                    : 165 cm
Playing Position      : Midfielder
Current Club          : Paris Saint-Germain
Squad Number       : 6


Paris Saint-Germain has recently become a headline through the purchase of star players, such as Ezequiell Lavezzi of Napoli, Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic from AC Milan, while Marco Verratti's purchase also does not cause a bit of fanfare in Italy, considering he is staying digadang to star Future Azzurri. Verratti is named as the successor of Andrea Pirlo and is rated as one of the best young players available today.

At the age of just 19, Verratti has become one of the key players who helped Pescara promotion to Serie A, he was also able to penetrate the Italian squad for the first time.

Now that he has been recruited by Carlo Ancelotti, he has been given the opportunity to prove that he can take a step from a second caste star to a superstar in the highest caste.

So whether the euphoria is not excessive? According to Renato Maisani from Italy, the potential of Verratti is no doubt.

"In Italy there have been talks he will be a great player in the next four to five years, and in my opinion, he is really very good," said Maisani.

"Still, in the Serie B competition, there are colleagues Ciro Immobile and Lorenzo Insigne, who also have great talent, are also often the spotlight of many parties."

Verratti is a midfielder who plays more deeply with enormous vision gifts and incredible bait range, comparing himself to Pirlo is inevitable, especially with the success of promotional Pescara coinciding with the success of Pirlo ushering Juventus champions.

However, according to Maisani nicknamed Verratti as the new Pirlo is a little misguided.

"In terms of position on the pitch, he can be compared to Pirlo, but in terms of game style he is more like Chilean David Pizarro," said Maisani.

"Some even compare it to Xavi, but he still does not have the same ability to bring the ball forward like the Spanish player."

Verratti has started to stand out in Pescara in the 2010/11 season, but he has just locked up a regular position in last season. However, Maisani did not doubt that Verratti would be a great player, despite some concerns.

Young Blood  Verratti became one of the key players Pescara success achieved promotion

"Technically, Verratti is too good in Serie B and although he is young, he already has a strong character," said Maisani.

"Nevertheless, on the pitch, he was a couple of times too tough in his tackle and was often threatened with a yellow card despite having yellow cards before."

"Also, his best position is in front of the back line but he must also be paired with a formidable midfielder."

Now he has moved to Ligue 1 France, what can he expect in PSG? Robin Bairner from France explains Verratti's future forecasts at his new club.

"PSG is one of the most ambitious clubs in Europe and in recent years they have gained a lot of wealth, but since Qatar Sports Investments  took over the club, they have said that ambition is not just for today but the future as well. ' Lionel Messi new 'they say, "Bairner said.

"In Verratti, they have earned the first star of the future, and a player that can be played to add the dimensions of the club game at a young age."

How he got into team delam in the near future, depends on his physique. But in the long run, he will get used to the core of the game, the players around him will move. Every big team needs a general, and a playmaker in the inner area like Pirlo will belong to PSG.

"I have a great impression of the club, they are champions.There are some players here that I see on TV and I am very proud to play with them," Verratti said.

"I am very happy coach Carlo Ancelotti gave me the confidence."

"I told Pescara that PSG is my first choice and they will be the biggest club in the world."

"Compared to Andrea Pirlo makes me flatter and happy, he is one of the most creative midfielders in the world."

PSG is recruiting the Italian forward with great expectations, but there are doubts that he will get the role this season.

"He is young, he is the future of Italy and the future of PSG.As we said earlier, our strategy is also based on young players, not just big players," said PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

If he can penetrate regular PSG regular teams, where Italian side Salvatore Sirigu and Thiago Motta have sealed his place, meaning he has taken the next step to follow in Pirlo's footsteps, giving PSG creativity in midfield.

Travel Facts and Careers Marco Verratti

Marco Verratti started his professional football career with Pescara in 2008.

At that time he emerged as a potential young midfielder. For four seasons in the first team, Verrati packed 74 caps and scored 2 goals.

In July 2012, he moved to Paris Saint-Germain. It did not take long for him to adapt to the style of playing PSG.

Her slick appearance with the French giants has made a number of big European clubs keen on hooking him up. One of the club who is keenly reportedly eyeing Verrati is Barcelona.

For the career of Marco Verratti in the stronghold of the national team itself is quite good, it's just the achievements that he torehkan for his team has not been so good. But his talent is needed in his team.

Before Verratti officially served as a player of the Italian national team, first he had played in three levels of age such as U-19 national team, U-20 national team.


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