Full Name          : Paulo Bruno Dybala

Nickname          : Paulo Dybala

Place of Birth     : Marga lagoon, Cordoba, Argentina

Date of Birth      : November 15, 1993

Current Club       : Juventus

Playing Position  : Striker

Height                 : 179 cm


The owner of the full name Paulo Bruno Dybala was born in Marga lagoon, one of the areas located in the city of Cordoba, Argentina on November 15, 1993 ago. Having a talent since childhood, Dybala then entered the club's football academy club Instituto in 2003, precisely when I was 10 years old. For eight years he had a soccer education with the club, and in 2011, Dybala got a chance to play on the Senior team of Instituto.

Shown nicely with Instito, attracted one of the Italian midfield teams, Palermo to recruit him. And in April 2012, Dybala finally officially belonged to Palermo. This season, amid the front-line crisis experienced by Palermo. Dybala emerged as a savior with a goal-by-goal scoring. So far, the 21-year-old striker has packed 13 goals for Palermo. A number of major European clubs began to peer into the development of Paulo Dybala, and one of the most industrious clubs eyeing Dybala is the English giants Arsenal. But Dybala chose to join Juventus, and until now he became the main choice of Juventus under the care of Massimilliano Allegri.

Together with Instituto, Dybala played so well that finally the Italian mid-table club Palermo recruited him in 2012. Dybala was present at a very precise moment of the Palermo article being a striker crisis. Dybala's career with Palermo is very impressive and helps Palermo continue to stay in Serie A. Thanks to goals that dilesatkan Dybala, finally made a lot of European giants want to bring players from Argentina. The most intense team that wants to bring in Dybala is Arsenal. But Dybala prefers Juventus rather than anchored to the famous Preimer League as the toughest league in the world.

Together with Juventus, Dybala has always been the top choice. In the last game alone Dybala managed to donate one goal when Juventus face Milan in the Coppa Italia quarter-final until finally Juventus can penetrate the semifinals and will be dealing with Napoli. Judging from the short profile of Dybala, Dybala's career is growing rapidly because it does not take a long time to be able to prove himself as a sharp striker in the world. Juventus is the right choice for Dybala because with Juventus, Dybala can develop his game. Now Dybala has very big expectations with Juventus to win the treble winner this season.


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